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RapCatchUp is an urban music and news platform/outlet which started back in 2013, with the aim of shining light on an entire mostly-untapped underground rap scene in Chicago. Due to some artists’ gritty content and attachment to street gangs, they are never given the opportunity to pursue a legitimate career in music and are not covered in any way by larger Rap music outlets, such as XXL and Complex music. These outlets choose not to post many underground artists, completely despite any talent they might have (Other than negative things like deaths and shooting which always make headlines) because they see them as unsuitable for their main viewership. In addition, record labels are hesitant to sign artists such as these due to their involvement with crime and potential to be arrested, despite almost every popular rapper rapping about guns and drugs, even when they have never lived that lifestyle (in most cases).

This leaves some artists who regularly garner hundreds of thousands of views with massive fan bases completely unacknowledged; and that’s where we come in. There were thousands of blogs out there when we started, but we felt like nobody was really covering everything relevant within the underground rap scene we were focusing on.

For this reason, we attempted to make a sort of ‘base’ for rap/Hip-hop fans to visit to find out about all new releases from their artists, and goings on in the scene outside of the music itself. This idea then evolved into a platform too, since so many rappers wanted us to post their exclusive music and music videos. Our YouTube channel quickly became popular as one of the most reliable, unbiased sources of underground rap news too due to our simple, cleanly designed news videos and connections to artists.

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