Kadma Beats (@KadmaBeats)


Born on June 11, 1993 in Venezuela named Adrian Marquez Garcia.

Kadma was introduced to Hip-Hop music by local Venezuelan rap groups such as Guerrilla Seca by his father in 2003 and since then has been a fan of Venezuelan and mainstream American rap music.

He started producing back in 2006 and continued until 2010 before taking a 5-year hiatus for studying purposes and due to instability within the Venezuelan government. Restarted making beats in June 2015 after a studio session with Venezuelan producer Diskturbio and was later introduced to one of the best-known producers of the country by the name of Deza (Founder of DeLaRaiz Records) which helped to inspire him to keep creating beats.

Kadma first heard Drill Music in 2013 and since then it has continued to be his favourite genre. Drill rappers such as Team 600, Rico Recklezz and Lil Durk inspired Kadma’s style, and he continues to draw inspiration from many Venezuelan artists such as Los Waraos, Apache, Akapellah & IceOD.

In December 2015, Kadma and his family moved to a new location in Venezuela with no internet and no ability to connect with the wider world at all, so it was difficult for him to continue with his passion of beat-making. At this time, the Venezuelan government continued raising the prices of many products and made it extremely hard for its people to survive, but Kadma and his family strived to succeed despite the difficult circumstances. In March 2017 Kadma moved to Colombia with his girlfriend in order to make a new life for himself, and is now working hard on his music and striving to help his family leave Venezuela.


Rico Recklezz, Mikey Dollaz