After previously challenging the LA rapper to a boxing match over claims Blueface made about one of his baby mothers, NLE Choppa appears to have backed out, making claims about Blueface “manipulating” the situation and rushing him to fight too soon.

NLE Choppa posted a video to his X (Twitter) page on Saturday January 6th addressing Blueface over the fight. In the video he made numerous claims about why he feels Blueface is “manipulating” the situation upcoming bout, complaining about a poster Blueface allegedly asked somebody to make to hype the fight up.

He also claimed that Blueface was rushing him into fighting as soon as possible, despite having little-to-no previous experience in the boxing ring.

At one point in the video, (@2:06) Choppa says outright that he “don’t wanna fight [Blueface] no more”, which has fans attacking him as he was the one who previously challenged Blueface, and not the other way around.

Take a look at the video for yourself on our Instagram page below:

**UPDATE** Since this article was first published, NLE Choppa has posted on X (formerly Twitter) claiming that Blueface had his manager Wack100 phone his mother to cancel their proposed boxing match. Take a look for yourself here:

If the pair do end up fighting, who do you think will come out on top?