Chicago rapper Rooga (featured on Kanye’s ‘DONDA’ album) took to social media today to defend himself from accusations of snitching on somebody.

The claims, which came from another blog page, claimed Rooga told the cops his friend was the owner of some weed that was found near their vehicle during a traffic stop, labelling him a snitch.

Rooga himself responded to the allegations by letting people know that his friend had already admitted the weed belonged to him, and that’s why he confirmed his story. To further prove his point, Rooga posted part of a phone call with the man concerned in the case in which he can be heard admitting that he told the Police the weed in question was owned by him.


Rooga promised that if he “told on” the man, then they would have never been seen together after that day, when they are in fact still closely affiliated.

What do you think about bloggers playing with people’s street credibility making unconfirmed claims about Snitching on people?