All 6 men accused of involvement in the 2020 murder of Chicago Drill rap pioneer FBG Duck have been found guilty of his murder, and multiple other charges including conspiracy to murder.

After a protracted trial which lasted 3 months, all 6 men accused of various roles of involvement in the killing of Chicago rapper FBG Duck have been found guilty. The men named Charles “C Murda” Liggins, Kenneth “Kenny Mac” Roberson, Tacarlos “Los” Offerd, Marcus “Muwop” Smart, Christopher “C Thang” Thomas & Ralph ‘THF Teezy” Turpin were all found guilty on five of seven counts. Everybody but Turpin, who was alleged to have called the men when he spotted FBG Duck in Chicago’s Gold Coast shipping neighbourhood, were identified on CCTV at Parkway Gardens (AKA OBlock) before the fatal shooting.

Duck’s mother (@bricknduckog on Instagram) celebrated the guilty verdict openly after going Live while still at the courthouse and thanked God for “justice” for her son. She promised her friends and family a “justice for Duck” celebration would be taking place at her home later in the day. Take a look at the important parts of the footage here:

*UPDATE* According to a courtroom reporter (@TomSchuba on X), a date has been set for all 6 men to be sentenced. He posted to his X account informing people that all 6 will be sentenced in August and September of 2024. Take a look for yourself here:

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