Lil Reese was NOT shot today in his hometown of Chicago, as reported by some other media outlets such as Kollege Kidd, The Daily Loud and MyMixtapez.

His friend Lamron Chubbz was the first to clarify that the rumour was totally untrue, saying “THEY [LYING]” and calling the rumour “FALSE”.

OBlock rapper Shoebox Baby denied the rumor and made it clear that Reese getting shot in Chicago was impossible, as the 300 rapper was not even in Chicago today: “Stop calling me asking is folks Shot he ain’t even outhea 😂😂😂😂🧢👎🏾”

The news was also indirectly responded to by GBE T.Slick, who joked about how gullible people on the internet can be when it comes to believing rumors.

King Von‘s sister Kayla B also responded to fans and clarified that the rumor was untrue.

Reese himself recently lost access to his Instagram, and has not posted anything on X [Twitter] in response to the rumor yet. This article will be updated with new information as it becomes public.