21 Savage went live briefly on his Instagram account yesterday, explaining why he won’t be batted into replying to Young Chop back and responding to comments about him being from the UK.

21 explained that he won’t give Chop the reaction he’s looking for as he believes the beef is not real and has been started by Chop in an effort to promote his upcoming album. He explained the issues between the pair started after Chop posted a video riding through an block in Atlanta and saying it looked “pretty” and comparing it to Chicago, which triggered 21 into sending Chop a direct message.

He went on to say he doesn’t care where Chop is from, saying: “don’t be thinkin’ that ‘cause you from Chicago you just the toughest ***** in America…”, before telling people on his live to stop commenting “RIP Chop” and to stop wishing death on people.

At one point, clearly tired of repeated comments mocking him for coming from the United Kingdom, 21 explained he was born in the UK but moved with his mom to Atlanta when he was just 6 or 7 years old. He name dropped the elementary school he attended in Atlanta, named a few friends and then spoke on the various different areas he lived in.

Near the end of the broadcast after explaining his thoughts on Young Chop, 21 Savage spoke on 22 Savage aka Funny Mike, saying he’s happy he’s found success now as a comedian and that he could never have beef with somebody he has “never even met”.

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