One of RondoNumbaNine’s affiliates and 600 member known as Memo was released from prison a few months ago.

EDIT: 1st slide should read “months ago” not “days ago”.

Memo served 2 years of a 4 year sentence for aggravated unlawful use of a firearm, which is the standard for prison sentences in Illinois. He will serve the second half of his sentence (around the next 2 years) on parole.

He is the blood brother of heavily respected fallen 600 member Steven ‘Lil Steve’ McGee, who was murdered back in 2011.

Memo told us here at RapCatchUp exclusively that he plans on releasing some music despite not rapping before, stating other rappers “lying about their lives” as one of his motivations.

Video contains exclusive throwback pictures sent by Memo featuring Lil Steve, RondoNumbaNine & L’A Capone.


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