Chicago’s own 600Breezy and Billionaire Black got into a back and forth recently after YBN Almighty Jay caused controversy by name dropping Billionaire’s dead friend Tooka while playing video games with Chief Keef.

Footage of Almighty Jay saying “F*** Tooka” circulated on the internet the next day, and Billionaire Black reacted to the disrespect on his Instagram story. Breezy posted an old photo alongside Jay in response along with a video with an overlaid caption directed at Billionaire, claiming he moved out of Chicago when his friend lost his life.

Billionaire responded the next day referencing the time him and King Yella bumped into Breezy in a mall in Las Vegas back in 2017, and flipped Breezy’s claim back at him saying he moved to Arizona “4 years ago” before any of his friends were killed. He later went live and spoke briefly on Breezy calling him a”liar” after he spoke to YBN Almighty Jay.

Since then the pair have exchanged words in a number of posts across social media pages, with Breezy accusing Billionaire of being a snitch, saying he can’t go back to the block he grew up on & criticizing his low feature price. Billy denied snitching, responded with footage from a recent video shoot in his old hood proving he’s still good there & referenced an old confrontation between Breezy and Duck.

At time of writing the pair are still exchanging posts, follow @RapCatchUp on Instagram for updates.

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