Chicago’s 600Breezy took to Twitter today to clarify that a recent rumour that 600’s D.Rose had somehow beaten the murder charge he was facing was not in fact true.

The data on the public Cook County Sheriff’s inmate locator which used to show a charge of murder/intent to kill with a ‘No Bond’ hold recently changed to a lesser charge and a $25,000 bond. Although this website states that the information on it is by no means accurate or up-to-date, some bloggers and fans took this to mean D.Rose, real name Abhir Sardin, had beaten the 2014 murder of Venzel Richardson which he was charged with. This is NOT correct however, and 600Breezy let Team 600 supporters know the truth today via Twitter. He said:

@600Breezy: “If Drose has a bond he would’ve been out in 30 mins [100 Emoji] y’all bitch ass got my hopes up being stupid”

D.Rose’s bond is still set to ‘No Bond’ and he has formally been charged with the 2014 killing of Venzel Richardson. Stay locked to this channel for any real case updates as they emerge.

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