Chicago’s 600Breezy today dissed Florida’s XXXTentacion over X allegedly dissing him on Instagram live.

The two had a disagreement over X calling Drake out which was, in Breezy’s own words, blown up “thanks to DJ Akademiks” and resulted in what looks like a new rap feud.

Breezy posted this comedy parody video to his page around a week ago which showed Drake and DJ Akademiks’ superimposed faces on bodies shooting at somebody with XXXTentacion’s face superimposed on him, alongside a caption which read “FREE SMOKE FREE SMOKE AYEEEE🤐 WOMAN BEATER K”. Some expected 600Breezy to take up for Drake due to the pair’s recent closeness, with 600Breezy even appearing on ‘More Life’, but after that initial post he didn’t speak again on the issue until today [9-4-2017].

Breezy reposted a quote picture to his Instagram from a 3rd party who was attempting to explain a misunderstanding between the two artists, and even seemed to be attempting to steer away from a beef with X originally.

Later on however when his fans informed him that XXXTentacion dissed him while broadcasting live from his social networking pages, Breezy then tweeted:

We spoke to 600Breezy who confirmed to us here at RapCatchUp that the above post was indirectly aimed at XXXTentacion. This post hints that 600Breezy may be preparing a diss track for XXXTentacion to be released over the coming month.Who do you think would win in a musical war between the two if it was kept purely entertainment?

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