600 member Darryl ‘Bitedown’ Benton-Harris was charged with 2 counts of first-degree murder yesterday (11/12/2016) for the fatal shootings of his girlfriend Emoni House and her 16-year-old brother Elijah House.

The 19-year-old, who did not rap but was mentioned a number times on songs by rappers like RondoNumbaNine and Tay600, was listed as homeless and denied bail late Friday afternoon.

2 other people were also injured in the shooting incident which happened on November 3rd of this year in the South Chicago neighbourhood. It allegedly happened shortly after midnight when an argument between Benton-Harris and Elijah House turned violent due to the fact Elijah House did not like the way his sister was being treated.

Emoni House, Elijah’s 20-year-old sister, was in the basement with a friend, the friend’s 19-month-old child and the woman’s 5-month-old daughter, whose father is Benton-Harris. The mother of the two siblings was upstairs watching the other children in the house, ages 12, 11 and 10 according to prosecutors. When the mother came downstairs to break the fight up and pulled Elijah downstairs into the basement she thought Benton-Harris had left, but in fact he had gone outside to retrieve his firearm from the car. He returned to the basement, shot Elijah in the back and then proceeded to fire at her when she attempted to escape according to prosecutors.

The mother then heard him shoot her daughter Emoni House, who was four months pregnant with his unborn child. She was shot in her right flank, right breast and mouth. When the sibling’s mother attempted to crawl up the stairs she was shot again, totalling five times, but played dead after the second shooting and survived. At some point Benton-Harris also reportedly shot the 19-year-old friend in the leg, and she ran upstairs to a bathroom and hid before he forced his was in and shot her in the neck. All the children in the home were left unharmed but 2 of the reported seeing Benton-Harris in the home with a gun.

He was arrested Wednesday after a car he was riding in was pulled over and then sped off, before he was tasered when attempting to escape. Subscribe for updates on his case as they emerge.

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