Abhir ‘D.Rose’ Sardin, an affiliate of Chicago’s Team 600 and rapper Chief Keef, was yesterday sentenced to 40 years in prison for the alleged murder of 14 year-old Venzel Richardson in the Woodlawn neighbourhood in Southside Chicago.

The well known rapper and gang member was just 17 at the time of the alleged shooting & was arrested shortly after his friends RondoNumbaNine & CDai’s arrests for murder in 2014, and has been held since then.

His sentencing follows on from RondoNumbaNine and Cdai’s sentencing last year, which saw the pair hit with 38 and 39 year sentences for the alleged gang-related murder of Javan Boyd. The 40 year sentence D.Rose was given is at the higher end of the possible sentence, since he was facing a potential 45 years for the crime in question (according to the Chicago Sun Times: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/chicago.suntimes.com/news/alleged-gang-member-d-rose-guilty-of-murdering-14-year-old/amp/?) and his sentencing was pushed back from October 2016 until yesterday for unknown reasons.

D.Rose, now 20 years of age, was found guilty of the February 2014 shooting murder in September of last year (2016). Venzel Richardson was hit 4 times including once in the head, and died a short time later.

Many of D.Rose’s affiliates have suggested that he is in fact innocent of the crime he has been accused of, and has been falsely identified by witness testimony.

● 600Breezy, Edai, JusBlow, 300OJ, Young Famous & Tay600 React To D.Rose’s 40 Year Sentence: https://youtu.be/98RLWNf9uV4

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