Following rumours which have persisted since Cdai and fellow 600 rapper RondoNumbaNine’s arrests in early 2014, Edai today clarified Cdai’s murder charge has not been reduced to robbery.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office’s public records of Cdai “22 Shotz”, real name Courtney Ealy, show that he is currently being held in relation to a robbery charge, not the infamous murder case he is fighting concerning the murder of livery driver Javan Boyd. Edai clarified today to stop any rumours that the site has not been updated, and it says ‘Robbery’ as Cdai was already on probation for robbery at the time of his & Rondo’s arrest.

Cdai is being charged with murder and was offered 30 years by the state at a court date earlier in 2015, & the case is proceeding to trial next year.

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