6IX9INE has pled guilty to 9 charges, including firearms, racketeering and drug charges and his name has been removed from the federal Indictment which led to him and his former friends’ arrests, and newly revealed court records show he plans to co-operate with the Feds and turn on his affiliates.

NBC New York were first to report news of Tekashi69 pleading guilty to a number of charges last Saturday, when court records were sealed. Prosecutors applied to have the documents unsealed on Thursday, and the motion was granted earlier today.

Court records show he “will cooperate with government officials” “against multiple violent people associated with the same criminal enterprise of which he admits, or will soon apparently admit, being a member”. Documents about the indictment have been updated and now no longer include the 22-year-old, real name Daniel Hernandez, but do include a number of new names including Kintra McKenzie aka Kooda B (who he named his second single ‘KOODA’ after).

Previous news reports had suggested that he had identified fellow NY rapper Kooda B as the shooter in the infamous June 2018 shooting incident outside the W hotel in New York where somebody let off a shot at Chief Keef which landed feet above the hotel’s sign. These new documents seem to confirm these early reports.

Tekashi’s sentencing is now scheduled to begin on January 24th 2020, and he would have faced a mandatory minimum of a 47-year sentence if not for his co-operation. Do you think 6IX9INE has any chance to revive his career after turning on his friends and co-operating with the NYPD and other federal agencies?

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