A lawyer claims he was in the same courtroom as 6IX9INE (aka Tekashi69) during his arraignment on 6 different charges relating to the indictment of him and 4 of his affiliates, and has revealed more details of the surrounding courtroom drama. More details of the case have also leaked online, to major news sources such as Sky News, and these details match the lawyer’s story.

**UPDATE**: 6IX9INE has now been moved to a unit for “neutral inmates” after asking to “be in a unit away from the Crips and the Bloods”, Read More about it on our IG Here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqfQVJSF2t-/ **UPDATE**

*Edit: Brooklyn MDC is a federal jail, not a prison as reported by TMZ.

The lawyer claims Tekashi was ”shivering”, “shook”and “really scared” when he was brought into the courtroom, and says the court is trying to deny Tekashi bail based on the fact he’s considered a “threat”. His defence lawyer Lance Lazzaro said this claim makes little sense however, as it was made public during his time court that the FBI approached 69 on Friday and asked him to come into protection due to threats on his life. This “threat on his life” was allegedly retrieved via wiretapping of some of the other defendants, some of which are the men 6IX9INE recently fired as he spoke about in a recent Instagram video and interview with the Breakfast Club Show. They were revealed to have said they were going to get 6IX9INE and “super violate him” after comments he made about them stealing his money.

Further details of the accusations against 6IX9INE were also revealed in court, and it was claimed a backpack stolen during a gunpoint robbery in April of this year was found along with an automatic pistol during a recent FBI raid at his home in Brooklyn.

He also spoke on the money revealed to be in 6IX9INE and Shotti’s accounts registered to them, and the judge denied bail despite both offering to put up all of their funds. 6IX9INE was said to have hung his head and looked like he was “in prayer” when the judge was making his decision, and looked “heartbroken” when he was denied bail due to being a “danger to the community” and posing a flight risk. In a separate post later the lawyer speculated that the cases against Tekashi may not stick, as the charges are “flimsy”.

If convicted on the 6 counts he’s facing, the ‘Gummo’ rapper is facing a minimum of 23 years to a possible life sentence in prison. According to TMZ, he is currently being housed in General Population at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal Jail notorious for “extremely dangerous, violent, or escape prone” inmates, but his lawyer thinks he “will be fine”.

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