TMZ reported early this morning that 6IX9ine was kidnapped, beaten and robbed for $750,000 in jewellery and $15-20,000 in cash. They were the only media outlet to break the story, and detailed that they got their information from “sources close to Tekashi”.

He allegedly recorded a music video in Brooklyn late last night/early this morning [7/22/18], wrapping up filming at around 4:00 am. When returning home his driveway was allegedly blocked by another car. Sources close to 6IX9INE told TMZ that 3 “hooded gunmen” got out of the car, grabbed Tekashi and pistol whipped him, knocking him unconscious.

The men allegedly then drove Tekashi around telling him if they didn’t get what they wanted from him (jewellery and cash) they would kill him. They later pulled up to the home he shares with his daughter and baby’s mother, and 2 men went inside to collect valuables while one guarded 6IX9INE in the car. They are said to have escaped with $750,000 worth of jewellery and $15,000-20,000 in cash. His family were inside the house at the time but were reportedly unhurt.

The group then apparently made their escape with 6IX9INE still in the back seat, and he reportedly opened the back door and jumped out. One of the gunmen reportedly gave chase initially but then retreated for fear of being identified. TMZ claim from there 6IX9INE flagged down a stranger’s vehicle and hopped in, pleading for help. The stranger called 911 and asked Tekashi to get out of his car at an intersection, were he was reportedly picked up via ambulance and taken to an un-named hospital where tests are being performed on him,. Including a CT scan.

His team are so far yet to comment on the situation, but his daughter’s mother who was allegedly there at the time of the kidnapping and robbery posted on her Instagram page asking for “privacy” and thanking people for their prayers, seeming too confirm the story. He also went Live last night with bruising on his face and said he was “Happy to be alive” (, along with posting an image of XXXTentacion with a positive, reflective caption

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