Daniel ‘Tekashi 6IX9INE’ Hernandez today (September 17 2019) testified at the trial of some of his former Treyway affiliates, reportedly naming names, explaining ranking within the gangs and even name dropping Trippie Redd as a Blood member in open court.

A court reporter (@innercitypress/@MatthewLeeICP on Twitter) provided blow-by-blow updates of the day’s events (Note: context is yet to be provided for some of them, including when he mentioned Trippie Redd). Details revealed included the fact he did not know all the people appearing in his music video for ‘GUMMO’, the identifying a firearm featured in the video, and details about the gang’s hierarchy.

In one of the first posts about 6IX9INE’s testimony, he is reported to have said he started co-operating with authorities “the day after” him and his former friends “were taken down”. This is more than likely an attempt by his defence team to make his decision to co-operate seem less forced, as not a lot time was taken to deliberate over options.

In a quote without context 6IX9INE reportedly testified that “Trippie Redd was a part of Five Nine Brims”, another set of the Bloods. It’s possible that this was in response to questions about his affiliation and friends before the release of his breakout hit ‘GUMMO’ due to its place in the transcripts.

Tekashi identified himself and numerous other individuals as part of the ‘Nine Trey Bloods’, said the gang was involved in “Robberies, assaults, drugs…” and claimed his role was to “keep making hits and giving financial support to the gang…equipping with guns. Like, so they could buy guns”. He went on to credit his career and credibility to affiliating himself with Nine Trey, and even demonstrated a blood handshake taught to him by Nuke, one of the other men on trial. He explained various ranks within the gang and matched the ranks to known members by name, including naming Mel Murda (AKA Mel Matrix) as the “godfather” & Shotti as number 2. The day at court was brought to an end soon after these details were revealed.

The trial and 6IX9INE’s testimony will continue tomorrow (September 18 2019), and official transcripts of court proceedings will be released after the trial is complete.

Source: Matthew Russell Lee (@innercitypress/@MatthewLeeICP on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MatthewLeeICP)
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