A Cleveland, OH rapper known as EC Marv and Chicago’s Billionaire Black today posted screenshots which suggest Soulja Boy is looking for people to handle his beef with Rico Recklezz and other Chicago rappers.

EC Marv posted the original screenshots of a conversation with Soulja Boy on Instagram. He FaceTimed the ‘Crank That’ rapper last night and allegedly recorded the conversation he had with him, in which Soulja allegedly suggested there would be a reward if somebody were to handle his current beef with Chicago rappers Rico Recklezz and King Yella.

Rather than seek the reward however, EC Marv decided to send the video to Rico Recklezz and King Yella’s affiliate Billionaire Black, who in turn posted it on his social networking pages too with an ultimatum for Soulja Boy asking him to “make contact by tonight”.

The Cleveland rapper even asked Soulja Boy for $10,000 to avoid leaking the video and mocked Soulja Boy when he offered to pay him with a ‘hot’ verse. See all the posts from so far above.

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