FBG’s Billionaire Black recently posted photos and videos wearing Houston Texas rapper Rizzoo Rizzoo’s jewellery on his Instagram page.

*UPDATE* Since this article was published Rizzo has admitted his jewelry was taken, saying some “some roach ass s**t” happened to him and promising to “bounce back harder”, and Sauce Walka commented a kissing face emoji under Billionaire’s post.

Rizzoo Rizzoo is one of Sauce Walka’s friends and artists on his TSF label, and his biggest solo song ‘Drip Or Drown’ has reached over 1.6 million views on YouTube.

On his story Billionaire flaunted Rizzoo’s jewellery and said he did not sign with TSF, telling his followers to “do the math”, implying it was taken from Rizzoo himself.

In the photos a watch, TSF chain, Wario chain and ‘Green Lantern’-style ring can be seen, all of which Rizzoo has showed off at different times on his Instagram page.

Texas rapper Hoodfame GoYayo has recently had issues with Sauce Walka and his camp, and mocked Rizzoo on his Instagram story for allegedly having the chain taken from him.

YSL records’ Lil Duke also commented under Billionaire’s post milking Rizzoo with laughing emojis. Rizzoo himself or Sauce Walka are yet to speak on the allegations.

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