Lil Durk today directly responded to NBA Youngboy’s “You n****s gon die” threat he recently spelt out in cash on Instagram.

On Wednesday 19th Youngboy was pictured in 3 separate photos with $100 bills spelling out “Colors”, “You n****s gon die” & “Stay safe” for promotion for his new album ‘Colors’, which dropped Friday 21st. All the photos were posted by his associates, as YB currently does not have his own Instagram.


After YB dropped the song ‘Bring The Hook’ which contained a diss towards O-Block (“O-Block pack get rolled up“), Durk indirectly responded with a photo alongside a painted portrait of King Von with caption reading: “Don’t claim it if you aint do it you still a bitch”.

As of Friday 21st Durk has responded with his own photo alongside bills spelling out a reply to YB. The photo shows Durk sitting on a staircase with cash spelling out the words: “Hurry yall bitch azz up”, taunting YB and seemingly unbothered by his message.

Tensions between the OTF and Never Broke Again/4KT camps have been rising ever since Durk’s close friend and artist King Von’s death at the hands of Quando Rondo (signed to YB’s label)’s camp in November of 2020.