Chicago rapper Rooga recently posted his DMs with Lil Durk after being offended by a line which people think is an FBG Duck diss on a song from Durk and Lil Baby’s new album.

Some blogs claimed Durk was dissing FBG Duck, Quando Rondo and NBA Youngboy in a leaked snippet, and this caused Durk to post on his IG story denying the disses saying “I never said a lame name stop [lying] on me y’all”.

Rooga DMed Lil Durk a reply to this post then posted a screenshot of their private DM conversation, which showed Durk responding to Rooga and claiming he doesn’t “know” him, and responded saying Durk does know him and saying “it’s n****s like you who make the city look bad”.

Lil Durk’s brother DThang responded to Rooga’s post calling Rooga a “real fan” and accusing him of not knowing if he wants to beef or wants a “peace treaty”. Rooga then responded again via his IG story denying he ever said he wanted a peace treaty, explaining he told NoJumper’s Adam22 that he thinks street problems should be kept off rap songs.

After this DThang said he thinks the “opps the police” & Rooga responded once more on his IG story. Check all the posts out for yourself above.