Lil Reese recently reignited an old dispute with rival Chicago rappers associated with FBG (Fly Boy Gang) by posting to his Instagram story saying: “Only FBG we kno is future nem”.

The quote, which OTF’s DJ Bandz revealed is a quote from an upcoming unreleased Lil Durk song, triggered a response the next day from FBG affiliated Billionaire Black. Billionaire posted on his story mocking Reese for getting jumped and saying he “s*d on himself”.

The following day Billionaire continued to post about Lil Reese, following up with a photoshopped pack of Huggies Pull-Up diapers with a screenshot of Reese taken from the footage of him getting jumped in 2019 superimposed on top of it. He mockingly captioned the posts with what Reese could be heard repeatedly saying during the footage.

Reese didn’t respond to any of Billy’s posts publicly, but reportedly blocked him the following day. Billionaire posted a video teasing Reese for blocking him and telling his fans to go and post poop emojis under Reese’s posts.

[Beat: @KadmaBeats,]