Rival Chicago rappers Boss Top & Billionaire Black recently clashed on social networks after Boss Top called out various members of FBG.

After Billionaire posted a video telling his friend to turn King Von’s ‘Crazy Story’ off [Watch Above or Here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPBT0a6AOPi/], O-Block’s Boss Top posted to Twitter (@1bosstee) calling out Billionaire and other FBG (Fly Boy Gang) affiliates. The post accused Billionaire and FBG Butta of snitching & mentioned Lil Jay’s alleged activities while locked up.

Billionaire responded with a list of disses towards Top, accusing Fredo Bang of snitching and saying O-Block/OTF tried to “Click Up” with Fredo’s TBG after King Von’s passing. He also referenced Chief Keef and Top’s fallout in 2014, claiming Top “Stole Baby Clothes From Yo Own Homie Crib Who Tried To Save U From The Hood”.

600Breezy backed up Boss T’s post about FBG, and FBG’s Young commented on our Instagram page (@RapCatchUp) laughing at Billionaire’s post about Boss T. FYB J Mane and King Yella also commented disputing Boss T’s comment about clicking up with federal informant rapper Tekashi 6IX9INE.

After this Top laughed about Billionaire not attempting to deny claims of him being in somebody’s paperwork, and Billionaire responded by accusing people of “HATING CUZ THEY WANT [HIS] SPOT”. Take a look at all the posts for yourself in the video above.

[Beat: @KadmaBeats, https://goo.gl/bijNd7]