600Breezy just called out rival Chicago rapper King Yella for a boxing match after Yella commented on on Breezy’s recent viral chance meeting with Charleston White in Missisippi.


Breezy also had words for Yella over mentioning his name multiple times in podcasts and interviews since his release from behind bars back in September of 2021, & asked him to jump in the ring to settle their differences.

In the same live video Breezy spoke about the infamous 2017 incident where Breezy bumped into King Yella and Billionaire Black in a mall in Las Vegas.

He also called out Billionaire for making diss tracks from Arizona, saying he shoots all videos to his diss songs “on [his] block”.

Yella responded with an Instagram video speaking on the situation and agreeing to box Breezy, saying he’d be down to box if the pair put up $100,000 each, with the winner taking home a prize of $200,000.

Watch all the important parts of both videos for yourself above.