Chicago-based Interviewer and local celebrity Zack Stoner of ZackTV was shot and died yesterday on Printer’s Row in the South Loop area of Chicago.

The 30-year-old was in the area attending a concert at a club nearby at around 1:30 a.m. in the 700 block of South Clark Street.
A grey and black Chevrolet Caprice is believed to have pulled up alongside Zack’s grey Jeep and somebody inside let off an unconfirmed number of shots, 2 of which hit Zack in the head and neck while he was driving. His car careered into a light pole and the assailants jumped out of their initial car and jumped into a different getaway car containing another 2 people.

An onlooker claims he heard ‘screams’ and the people involved in the shooting say “We killed Jack” (likely misheard Zack as ‘Jack’) before speeding off in a second getaway car, a light-coloured Jeep.
Zack will be remembered as one of the pioneers of interviews in the Chicago and wider rap music scene. His interviews racked up hundreds of millions of views and his style and personality enabled him to step foot in the most dangerous of areas and tell hundreds of unknown stories that never previously would have got coverage.

RIP Zack ‘ZackTV’ Stoner.

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