Chicago rapper JB Bin Laden was arrested yesterday for criminal trespass to a residence.

***UPDATE 6/29/2016*** JB Bin Laden has since made bail and been released on electronic monitoring tag. See footage here: ***UPDATE***

Sources close to the 19 year old rapper told RapCatchUp he was arrested last night and the Cook County Sheriff’s Inmate locator confirms this. His bail amount is set to $10,000 but it is unclear at this stage whether he will bail out.

The Illinois General Assembly lists the charge of ‘criminal trespass to a residence’ as: A person commits criminal trespass to a residence when, without authority, he or she knowingly enters or remains within any residence, including a house trailer that is the dwelling place of another.

JB Bin Laden’s court date is set for June 29th. Subscribe to this channel for updates.

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