Detroit rapper and member of Chief Keef’s Glo Gang Snap Dogg yesterday challeneged Chicago’s Lud Foe to a boxing match.

After Lud Foe and Snap Dogg’s affiliate SmokeCamp Chino publicly dissed echother a few weeks ago there has been some tension between the two camps, but figures like Lil Durk have brough both sides together and ended any talk of a real ‘street’ beef between the two. Snap Dogg however has said he has no beef with Lud Foe but would like to box him in a ring and “shake hands after”, and posted a number of videos of him training in an attempt to get the ‘Cuttin Up’ rapper to agree.

Lud Foe has yet to respond to Snap Dogg’s request, but Snap Dogg also openly challeneged any other rappers who wanted to box him and asked fans to tag someone they would like to see him in a ring with. Subscribe to this channel for updates and let us know what you think of Snap Dogg’s open challenge below. Do you think it’s good that rappers known for violence are starting to put their guns down and sort out their disputes with boxing matches?

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