Chicago rapper and GMEBE affiliate EBE Bandz (aka GMEBE Bandz, Billy Da Kid) today dissed Ohio’s Trippie Redd on Instagram after Trippie previewed another ‘Who Run It’ remix with Lil Yachty.

Bandz has taken offence to Trippie’s lyrics about gun violence, claiming he met Trippie before and he was “not like that”. He claims to have met Trippie in a recording studio with Kodie Shane, where the pair reportedly got on well and planned to possibly work with each other in the future.

Trippie later unfollowed Bandz after Bandz messaged him about being around some of his “opps” in California, and Bandz took offense to this but atg the time kept it to himself. Today he let loose on the ‘Love Scars’ rapper due to his violent lyrics, saying he’s “not a savage”.

Bandz then responded to a number of his followers’ questions about the situation, denying he was “clout chasing” and saying his comments refer to Trippie’s personality and lyrical content, not his music itself. A final post from Bandz’ account before all the above was deleted reads:

“@billydakid079: I remember when u had to do some shit inna streets to get recognition, not onna internet 🗣⚓️ #BeenOnDat #freenero”.

Do you think Bandz has a genuine grievance, or do you think this is an attempt to get more people talking about him and his music?

Twitter: @GmebeBandz
Instagram: @billydakid079

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