Chicago rapper EBE Bandz (aka GMEBE Bandz & Billy Da Kid) has been released from jail after his arrest a couple of weeks ago on firearm and drug possession charges.

The young rapper streamed via his Instagram page and answered some questions his fans and supporters had about his arrest, claiming the police still have his iPhone and he is making use of an old Android. His arrest for weapon possession by a felon and marijuana possession made the news in Evanston, watch our video about it Here:

For anybody wondering why our information in our video about Bandz’ arrest was slightly wrong, we got it directly from the usually reliable Chicago SunTimes website and unfortunately they got some details incorrect r.e. Bandz’ bond and release. Read for yourself here:

It is apparent that the rapper has bonded out for an undisclosed amount & has promised to release a ‘First Day Out’ song in the coming days.

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