Chicago’s own Famous Dex got into a dispute with his own official DJ and friend DJ Shon yesterday, which led to the pair bumping heads publicly on Instagram.

Dex posted a number of videos to his IG story accusing Shon of scamming people using his name, calling him a “dope head” and telling his followers not to buy things through him in the future. Shon replied with a number of his own posts, calling Dex out for coming to him for a place to stay and also mocking him for having his chain stolen, saying “go and get your chain back”.

At one point Shon accuses Dex of “f***ing over” his old friends, presumably meaning the DDB group who accompanied him on his early rise to fame.

Shon posted a video to his IG story today saying the ‘Dex and Shon show’ isn’t over, hinting that the pair may have resolved the issue behind closed doors since the videos were posted.

Instagram: @FamousDex @WorldFamousDJShon

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