Famous Dex, Rico Recklezz, Ewol Samo & other Chicago rappers react to Ayoo KD and MBAM Flip getting caught ‘lacking’ yesterday (9.19.2016).

Rico Recklezz posted footage of the incident which showed his Recklezz Renegade Records artist Ewol Samo & affiliates confronting Ayoo KD and MBAM Flip (also known as Lil Flip) for earlier comments. The full footage shows unknown individuals jumping MBAM Flip after the original argument, check out the footage here: http://bit.do/KDFlipJumped. Ayoo KD claimed afterwards that him and his associate were set up and posted screenshots to back up this story.

MBAM Flip was allegedly targeted by the group with affiliation to Rico Recklezz’s artist Ewol Samo because he dissed one of their dead affiliates while arguing with Rico Recklezz on Twitter earlier on in the day.

A number of rappers reacted to the videos currently circulating on social media, including Ayoo KD’s former affiliate Famous Dex, FBG’s Young, SG Batman, Big Boss Damo & producer Nito Beats. ZackTV also mentioned Ayoo KD and asked him to clear up a false rumour of him setting the pair up yesterday, after originally being supportive towards KD.

Check out the posts above. Do you think Ayoo KD should hold his L and keep his head down? Or do you think he should make the most of all the publicity he is now receiving because of the incident?

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