Chicago’s G Herbo (formerly known as Lil Herb) received a shout-out the other day from Nicki Minaj via Instagram and wrote a long caption under another repost explaining his attitude to school.

Nicki Minaj spoke on a UK magazine article referring to her version of ‘Chiraq’ as a remix, and she set the record straight by letting the public know hers and Herb’s was the original version. She followed the post with a shout to Herb and herb posted a love heart emoji underneath the post. Herb then reposted the caption and added his own reading:

nolimitherbo: “YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU ALWAYS WILL! @nickiminaj [Crown Emoji]”

Later same day Herb reposted an image of himself asleep in the hallways back when he attended school. He accompanied the image with a long caption explaining his attitude to studies, see the post above.

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