Glo Gang’s Tadoe yesterday dissed Brooklyn, NY rapper 6IX9INE/Tekashi69 again in response to being mentioned in one of 6IX9INE’s Instagram Live broadcasts.

In the Live video Tadoe said he wanted to scuffle with Tekashi “1-on-1” without the involvement of either of their gangs. He also claimed he’d come to Brooklyn and bump heads with Tekashi & his affiliates as 6IX9INE previously claimed he’d be intimidated to face him down in his home town.

At around a minute into the video (@1:03) Chief Keef’s distinct voice can be heard dissing 6IX9INE’s homies and calling them “old ass 40-year-old men”.

Tadoe swore by his “dead cousin” Derrick ‘Fredo Santana’ Coleman that he would “beat the f*** out” of 6IX9INE and claimed he’s different from any other rappers 6IX9INE has previously beefed with. See the important parts of the broadcast above.

Instagram: @tadoe_dagloden1

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