Two Chicago inmates described as dangerous the other day took another inmate hostage at the Cook County Jail, forcing officials and police to use a ‘distraction device’ and storm the pod to take back control.

Officials said around 4:30pm the two inmates took another hostage and took control of the Division 10 maximum security tier of the jail using a sharp object (known in jail as a shank) and soapy water to make the floors too slippery for staff to properly deal with the incident. They also obscured and disabled all CCTV cameras within their tier of the jail.

The end of the incident was caught on camera by the Cook County Sheriff’s Department and later released to the public. Cardarryl Stevenson can be seen at the front of the group of inmates with another on his knees in front of him, clutching what appears to be a prison-made ’shank’. The footage then shows officers in riot gear preparing to enter the tier faced with a number of felons and throwing a ’flash bomb’ as they enter the room and attempt to take back control. The victim was left with only superficial cuts to his leg and no staff or other inmates were injured.

The two men who both have lengthy criminal histories have been formally identified as Martin Alvarado, 24, and Cardarryl Stevenson, 27. Alvarado has gang tattoos on his neck which show he is either a member of the Gangster Disciples or Satan’s Disciples, and is currently serving time for beating an 18 month old child to death. The pair will face additional charges for this incident, & the reason for the hostage taking is still unclear.

*Footage Courtesy of Cook County Sherriff’s Department*

[Background Beat Prod. by @Marl3y366Beatz,]

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