Chicago’s JP Armani shocked his supporters yesterday by announcing that he is distancing himself from the GMEBE movement until Lil Chief Dinero is released from prison.

The ‘GMEBE’ group is made from 2 separate movements, GME (Global Money Ent.) and EBE (East Bound Ent.), brought together by key figures such as rapper Lil Chief Dinero. Without Lil Chief Dinero, who was earlier this year sentenced to 7 years in prison for assault, and some other members of the group it seems as if some relationships between the group have broken down.

JP Armani who had previously pushed the GMEBE movement changed his Instagram username to ‘GME_JP’ and posted a number of times on Twitter and Instagram letting his followers know to separate him from GMEBE until Lil Chief Dinero is released.

Although Lil Chief Dinero was sentenced to 7 years, it is likely he will not serve the entire sentence unless he gets into a lot of trouble behind bars, and should be expected to be released within the next 3 and a half years.

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