Chicago rapper Killa Kellz recently pled guilty to charges dating back to 2017 & now faces a 15 year sentence.

The Brick$quad affiliated artist, real name Kevin M. Phyfiher, was arrested back in 2017 for narcotics trafficking in northern Missouri shortly after being released from prison on Chicago on unrelated charges. In court in Kansas City, MO he pled guilty to one count of possessing nearly a kg of meth with the intent to distribute, and had his other charges (including felony resisting arrest for attempting to flee after he was stopped) dropped as part of his plea deal. Details of the plea agreement also revealed that investigators discovered “several live stream video recordings taken by Phyfiher” showing him and the man he was arrested with on a road trip to Las Vegas and California, holding large stacks of money & referring to “cali dope”.

In May of 2017 Kellz was stopped while driving a Dodge Caravan, and fled the scene on foot into the nearby undergrowth after officers found a firearm on his passenger. The narcotics were discovered in the car during a search and Kellz was apprehended the next day via spike strips on U.S. Highway 36. At time of arrest he reportedly told police on the scene that he “should have stayed in the bushes”.

Under the terms of his plea agreement Kellz has accepted a sentence of 15 years in federal prison without parole. He will be sentenced at a different hearing at some point in the near future after the presentence investigation related to the case has been completed.

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