Kodak Black went live late yesterday [10/15/2018] and spoke on some controversial issues, including wanting to sleep with Kanye West’s wife Kim Kardashian-West and Cardi B’s lesbian sister and more.

In the live video he seemed under the influence of some type of substance and clearly let it be known that he’s feeling Cardi B’s sister Hennessy Carolina, and said due to his respect for Offset he wouldn’t speak on Cardi B. He went on to address Kim Kardashian-West directly, saying:
“Kim, If you tired of that fuck n*gga, um Kanye ’cause he on some stupid shit man fuck with me man”.

In a different Live broadcast from the same night Kodak can be heard speaking negatively about Post Malone after Posty reportedly left a recording studio he was supposed to be waiting at for Kodak. In the final part Kodak speaks on the troubles he faces and hurdles he has to overcome to stay out of jail, and why it’s harder for him than it is for most people.

Instagram: @KodakBlack

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