New Orleans raised Atlanta based rapper Kyyngg made another controversial move yesterday by appearing to diss deceased Chicago rapper Leonard ‘L’A Capone’ Anderson on his brother Prynce’s Instagram page.

Kyyngg was recorded leaving a recording studio and can be heard on the audio recording saying:

“Bitch we coming out the studio with 2 on b*tch, you won’t L’A Capone us, I’ma pop yo’ f*ckin’ head”

His brother Prynce since denied the post was a diss in another video and said “Long Live L’A Capone” and “Free Rondo”
See the posts above. Do you think the post was supposed to be a diss or not?

● EBE Bandz, Team 600, JB BinLaden, Tay600 + More React to Kyyngg Allegedly Dissing L’A Capone:

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