New Orleans’ Kyyngg yesterday caused more controversy by choosing to post an image containing a number of deceased Chicago rappers, and claiming he “raps better” than a number of rappers, including Joseph ‘Lil Jojo’ Coleman and Shaquon ‘Young Pappy’ Thomas.

The full list of rappers Kyyngg referenced in the post and indirectly claimed were weak rappers is: Young Pappy, Soulja Boy, Lud Foe, Slim Jesus, Lil Jojo, Famous Dex & Rico Recklezz. Kyyngg made a post soon after Instagram erupted with comments claiming that the post was not actually a diss, and that he was just claiming he is a better rapper than everyone in the picture (despite claiming not to know who Young Pappy is).

Lil Jojo’s close friend P.Rico fired shots at the ‘Herkules’ rapper via Twitter, as did Young Pappy’s older brother BuDouble and affiliate PBG Kemo. Kyynng later edited the post after the backlash, removing the reference to Young Pappy’s month on the picture but leaving the rest of the artists on there. He has since deleted the picture from all of his social media accounts.

See all the posts for yourself above. Do you think Kyyngg was out of line, or do you think his post was just misunderstood?

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