A Chicago woman who claimed to have Lil Durk’s baby back in 2014 has called the rapper out on social networking sites for not being involved in his son’s life.

The female, who is rumoured to be a cousin of fallen 300 rapper and Lil Durk/OTF affiliate Pluto, posted a picture of her child alongside Lil Durk with the caption:

mzcandyyy: “Da fact dat I’m speaking facts yay dat understand how much dis burns my insides i been quiet for so long trine handle shit different ways but here we got a mf dat claim to b so real to da world but don’t do the number 1 thing god intends for all parents to do and thats sick gal dat even kno how much i go through how deep dis is but da whole world bouta see [EMOJIS] follow my boy @kingromeo_070114”

On her son’s Instagram page she posted a number of different times after her initial post calling Durk out, posting screenshots of media sites sharing the news of her and Durk’s son’s birth and even one of Durk himself face-timing with the child a number of years ago.

See all the posts for yourself above.

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