Incarcerated Chicago rapper Lil Jay’s cousin today posted a picture of Lil Jay in prison alongside Qaw’mane ‘Young QC’ Wilson, who had his own mother killed for insurance money in 2012.

The 25 year-old rapper was exposed a couple of years ago when he was convicted for being involved in the organised murder of his mother Yolanda Holmes for monetary gain. Many fans are completely shocked by Lil Jay’s decision to hang around someone so widely hated and condemned by the general public.

The Chicago native rapper first made the news when police arrested him and used his lavish Instagram posts flashing money to help build their case against him for having his mother Yolanda Holmes set up and murdered in order to gain access to her insurance premiums.

Lil Jay has told multiple interviewers that he will be released from prison in November, but since so many false rumours have been circulating about his release many fans have doubted this latest update. Subscribe to this channel for updates on Lil Jay’s case as they emerge.

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