Chicago native 19-year-old Maurice Harris AKA NoLimit WetEmUp has been charged with shooting and killing 4 different people, in what prosecutors calls a ‘revenge’ shooting for his father’s murder the previous day.

His 37-year-old father Jerry Jacobs was gunned down on a sidewalk in the 7900 block of South Phillips around 11:15 p.m. on March 29th. Around 3:30pm the next day Harris is alleged to have fatally shot 4 people at Nadia’s Fish and Chicken, near 75th and Coles (within a mile of where his father was killed).

Harris has been pointed out as the only shooter by more than one eyewitness, and the shooting is being investigated as part of an ongoing gang war “between factions of the Gangster Disciples and Black P Stone gangs”. The Chicago Sun Times lists Harris as “a documented member of the No Limit faction of the Black P Stones”, and it is so far unknown whether or not the 4 victims were his intended targets. Officers also suggested other shootings in the area that day could be connected to this “massacre”.

The 4 victims were identified as: Emmanuel C. Stokes, 28; Edwin Davis, 32, and brothers Dillon Jackson, 20, and Raheam Jackson, 19. The Jackson brothers had gone to visit their mother who worked at the shop, and witnesses allege that Harris followed Stokes and Davis into the restaurant with a handgun. He was said to have gunned down the two men inside before running out of the restaurant and killing the others.

A police commander said that there is no video of the incident, but he is confident in his eyewitnesses ability to prove Harris “was with them at the time of the murders”. Harris has been charged with 4 counts of first-degree murder & is being held with no bond, despite his family asking him to be bonded out for his father’s funeral.

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