Chicago born Los Angeles, CA based producer/rapper Ramsay The Great (real name Brandon Christopher Ramsay) was yesterday sentenced to 10 years in prison on charges relating to the pimping of 4 women in Orange County.

The 25-year-old Ramsay is alleged to have found 4 women online on social media sites and pimped them out in Orange County, according to the district attorney. He is alleged to have forced tea 4 women into prostituting themselves, one of whom said she believed she was Ramsay’s girlfriend at the time.

This same woman claims Ramsay demanded she make at least $1000 a day and claims he threatened her with a gun when she said she wanted to quit, and this claim led to an additional charge of assault with a firearm. In total Ramsay was charged with four counts of pimping and pandering, one count of human trafficking (presumably for bringing sex workers across state borders) and one count of assault with a firearm. He pled guilty to all charges and despite his plea he was sentenced to a decade in prison.

Ramsay made headlines in January of this year (2017) when he claimed Glo Gang boss Chief Keef and his entourage jumped him and robbed him, publicly making the claims on social media and reportedly even attempting to pursue a criminal case against Sosa and his friends who were alleged to have been involved. Ramsay stated that he felt justified in co-operating with the police after this incident as he was not involved in any gang activity and did not promote negativity, and many have seen news of this latest arrest as karma for his attempt to ‘snitch’ on Chief Keef.

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