Red Chapo of Chief Keef’s Glo Gang seemed frustrated with something the other day and let out his feelings publicly via his Twitter account (@KukuGang_RedGlo).

He asked Chief Keef directly if he was still a part of Glo Gang in tweets which he since deleted, seeming frustrated with something and even taking aim at Glo Gang’s ManeMane4CGG for claiming to be a part of ‘Kuku Gang’.

It’s unclear what brought about the tweets but some have assumed it has something to do with the fact Red Chapo, who is Benji Glo’s close friend, is not often pictured with the rest of Glo Gang other than Benji and seemingly does not attend national tour venues with the rest of the group.

It’s unclear whether the situation has been resolved but Red Chapo has so far only deleted the tweets which mentioned Chief Keef directly.

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