Lil Reese VS Famous Dex

After Lil Reese recently commented on Famous Dex and King Von’s issues with each other, Dex had some words for Reese, which has caused Reese and Dex to get into a dispute.

The pair have had no previous personal problems, but have now bumped heads and shared a number of words for each other on social networks. Dex first responded to Reese’s tweet a number of days ago while on Instagram live, saying there was “no beef” between them but asking him to keep his opinion to himself.

Dex then went live a few days later on Monday September 14th, where he went against his previous comments & spoke down on Reese. He mocked Reese for getting jumped in footage that circulated in June of 2019, called him “lame” & asked why Reese kept mentioning his name.

Reese originally posted about not replying to Dex on his Instagram story, but went on to tweet about him a couple times that night and the next day. He called him a “crack head” & said he “ain’t wasting [his] time on you busta specially a p*ssy who ain’t on s**t”.

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