Chicago rapper and artist on Rico Recklezz’ Recklezz Renegade Records label Ewol Samo was sentenced to 12 years in prison today in relation to a weapons charge resulting from an arrest in March of this year.

The rapper was picked up in Chicago on March 7th on a charge of ‘Unlawful Use of a Weapon by a Felon’. When attempting to research his charges online, this charge appears alongside an additional ‘Armed Habitual Criminal’ charge, which is a more serious ’Class X’ felony and carries a substantial prison sentence. Ewol Samo has an extensive criminal history which includes previous weapons charges, and this is why he was faced with a much more serious charge this time around. It is likely that this charge contributed to Samo’s long sentence, as the average sentence for simple weapon possession for somebody illegible for a handgun permit in Illinois is usually 2-5 years.

Some viewers may remember reported last year that Chicago rapper and fellow Rico Recklezz affiliate Killa Kellz was possibly facing a serious ‘Class X’ felony for repeated weapons offences, but he dodged this charge and was released (only to be re-arrested a couple of months later on drug trafficking offences in Missouri – Watch Here:

As with the majority of prison sentences, Samo may not serve the entirety of his sentence inside and will likely be paroled at around halfway through his time (if he stays out of trouble), which would be 6 years from now (2023). Subscribe and follow us on Instagram @RapCatchUp for any updates on Ewol Samo as they become available.

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