After Chicago’s Rico Recklezz revealed earlier today that Lil Reese’s family had married into his family & mentioned him on Twitter, Lil Reese tweeted back an insult aimed at Rico.

Rico earlier revealed that his cousin apparently married Lil Reese’s auntie & mentioned him on Twitter [Watch here:], to which Lil Reese negatively responded, quoting Rico Recklezz’ post and writing:

@LilReese300: “Fam get yo clown ass on I don’t care about that shit pussy [Skull Emoji]”

This in turn prompted a series of responses from Rico Recklezz who quoted a bar aimed at Lil Reese from his recent ‘Hit Em Up’ diss track [Listen Here + Lyrics:] & mocked the ‘Supa Savage’ rapper due to apparently not responding to requests to ‘link up’.

Check out all the posts above.

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