In a new Freestyle recorded over the phone from an Illinois state prison, Chicago’s Clint ‘RondoNumbaNine’ Massey appears to speak on the Tay600 VS Team 600 situation.

In the 1-minute freestyle while speaking to his brother Big Swirl, it sounds like Rondo raps:
“When I got jammed up all the fake n*ggas lied / Sayin shawty ass talkin’ he just gettin’ to the bag”

You can listen to the full freestyle HERE: For anyone who doesn’t understand the lyric, it appears Rondo could be saying all the “fake n*ggas” turned on Tay600 after Rondo was arrested, and claimed he was “snitching” when he was in fact working hard and focused on himself. Although he does not mention any names during this part of the freestyle, some fans have assumed he was talking about the rest of Team 600 turning on Tay600 and blaming him for Rondo and Cdai’s incarceration.

When previously asked about Tay’s involvement in his murder conviction by ZackTV in a January 2017 phone interview, Cdai appeared to avoid directly answering whether or not anything Tay did lead to his arrest, answering instead “sh*t, I’m in here ain’t I”. When Rondo was asked the same question, he declined to answer and claimed the answer to the question was not for the general public. Although some took this at the time to be confirmation of Tay “snitching”, it appears now he may not agree with what the rest of Team 600 have been saying about Tay600.

Tay posted a tweet about the lyric in the freestyle today too, which reads:
@TaySixO: “9 Say in his new freestyle “Wen I Got Jammed All Da fake niggas lying saying shorty ass talking he was jus getting to a bag” think about it”

The rest of Team 600 are yet to react to Rondo’s lyrics in the freestyle, Subscribe to this channel for any updates as they emerge.

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