Highlights from RondoNumbaNine’s recent Live broadcast speaking on Tay600 and denying snitching rumours posted by other media sources.

Rondo’s lawyer suggesting alternate un-pursued theories relating to the murder in order to get Rondo an appeal has been misunderstood by some people and even some blogs/news outlets as Rondo naming Cdai as the sole shooter. Rondo made it clear that him and Cdai have never made statements and “did [their] job” by keeping their mouths closed at trial, and now it’s up to their lawyers to do what “[they] pay ’em for” & use whatever legal tactics necessary to get them out.

Rondo also openly called his former friend Tay600 a “snitch” for “throwing dirt on [his] name”, and insisted there are public records that prove the whole of 600’s turning on Tay was justified, claiming the information from Tay naming Rondo as the shooter is available at the Richard J, Daley Center in Chicago. 9 claimed Tay was listed as a witness and that all other witnesses on the case will point out the fact that Tay was a witness alongside them. Tay denied this under our post about it on Instagram (http://tiny.cc/lw067y).

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